2024 Ship Schedule

Ward Cove Shuttle Operations

Complimentary shuttle service starts as soon as the ship arrives and provides service between Ward Cove and Berth 4 in downtown Ketchikan, the drive takes approximately 20 minutes each direction.  Please refer to the ship schedule above to determine the last departure from Ward Cove (WC) and the last departure from Downtown, Berth 4 (DT).

To visit downtown Ketchikan, go ashore early to catch the shuttle so that you can maximize your time in port.  Buses run continuously throughout the day.  Please allow at least 30 minutes to reach downtown if you have a scheduled appointment.  The shuttle service departs from the far end of the Welcome Center.

Upon arrival at Berth 4, please allow 15 minutes to walk to the center of downtown.  For guests with limited mobility, there is also a complimentary bus operated by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough that departs from Berth 4 every 20 minutes and provides access to other destinations throughout downtown Ketchikan.

For a full schedule of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough bus system click here(opens in a new tab).